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Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01 enem vestibulares

Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01):
Com a intenção de ajudá-lo a se preparar melhor para as provas de Vestibular e Enem, desenvolvemos este Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01 que contém questões específicas sobre os assuntos mais exigidos em Inglês.
Cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas do Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01 estão no final.

Bons estudos!

Vamos ao Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 01 com gabarito:

Leia atentamente o texto abaixo e responda as questões correspondentes:

The role of women in Spanish society has changed fast since the country became a democracy after General Franco died in 1975. He had swept away liberal reforms introduced in the 1930s, when Spain was a republic. For women specifically, these included a benevolent divorce law and certain property rights. In the 1930s many women played a big part on the left, often fighting side by side with men in the
pro-Republic militias during the 1936-39 civil war.
But after it the new regime, for the most part applauded by the church, put them back in the home as wives and mothers, with divorce forbidden and working outside frowned on. Change began in the 1960s when Spain opened up to tourists. Faced with competition from sexually liberated north Europeans, Spanish women “declared war on them, on men and on their elders”, in the words of Lucia Graves, author of “A Woman Unknown”, which recounts her life as an Englishwoman married to a Spaniard at the time. That aggressive self-assertion continues.
Not wholly successfully. At universities, women students now outnumber men. A typical couple has one or two children these days, a far cry from the days when families of eight or ten were common. But Spanish women still face the problems of their sisters in northern Europe. Their progress at work is often blocked, their pay often lower than men’s.

The Economist August 11th 2001The Economist

* role (= part) = papel, função
* to change = mudar
* fast = rapidamente
* since = desde
* country = país
* to become (became, become) = tornar-se
* after = depois
* to die = morrer
* to sweep away = abolir
* in the 1930s = nos anos 30, na década de 30
* law = lei
* property rights = direitos de propriedade
* on the left = na esquerda
* often = frequentemente
* to fight side by side = lutar lado a lado
* wives = esposas
* forbidden = proibido
* to work outside = trabalhar fora
* to frown on = desaprovar
* to face = deparar-se com
* competition = concorrência
* elders = idosos
* to recount = recontar
* Spaniard = espanhol
* at the time = naquela época
* self-assertion = autoconfiança
* wholly = totalmente
* to outnumber = superar, em número
* couple = casal
* a far cry = muito distante
* still = ainda
* pay = pagamento
* lower = inferior

1. (FUVEST) The above passage tells us that after the civil war:


2. (FUVEST) Have you noticed that news is becoming ___________?


3. (MACKENZIE) I’ll not leave home until the mailman _________.


4. (UNESP) ________ I examine your prosopal, _________ I like it.


5. (FUVEST) The above passage states that:


6. (MACKENZIE) Dr. O’Brien was a single New Yorked, ____________.


7. (UFBA) I’ve __________ seen such a beautiful bird.


8. (UNIP) They never ________ swimming before noon.


9. (UNESP) I pointed out that we would have done anything to relieve the situation if we ________ how.


10. (FUVEST) According to the above passage, since 1975.


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