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Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04 enem gabarito

Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04):
Com a intenção de ajudá-lo a se preparar melhor para as provas de Vestibular e Enem, desenvolvemos este Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04 e que contém questões específicas sobre os assuntos mais exigidos em Inglês.
Cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas do Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04 estão no final.

Bons estudos!

Texto para as questões do Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 04:

62,000 phones left in London cabs
But survey finds only half of lost mobile phones claimed
LONDON, AUG. 31 – Lost your mobile phone, handheld computer, daughter? Chances are you left them in the back of a London cab. An estimated 62,000 mobile phones or nearly three for each taxi in Britain’s capital, were left behind in London cabs during the first six months of this years, a recent survey found.
The survey by Taxi Newspapers and British security software company Pointsec Mobile said cabbies also discovered 2,900 laptops and 1,300 handheld computers in their backs seats.
But only half of the lost phones were claimed, with many owners betting their operating service would replace the lost phone with a new and better telephonic gadget.
Many mobile phone operating companies would rather give out new handsets than see their clients defect to rival services, which often try to lure customers by offering the latest mobile phones free for switching services.
The survey comes shortly after media reports that a bodyguard for Britain’s Prince William lost his personal organizer, allegedly carrying some royal numbers, in a taxi.
A little girl was among a strange list of other items cabbies said they had found, including a goldfish in a water-filled bag, a suitcase full of diamonds and 2,000 pounds ($ 2,900) in cash.
MSNBC / Reuters, August 21, 2001 –


cabs: táxis survey: empresas
mobile phones: celulares to claim: reclamar
handheld computer: computador portátil daughter: filha
chances are: existem possibilidades back: parte de trás
nearly: quase, aproximadamente each: cada
to leave behind: esquecer cabbies: taxistas
back seats: assentos traseiros owners: proprietários
to bet: apostar to replace: substituir
better: melhor gadget: bugiganga
would rather: preferir to give out: distribuir
handsets: aparelhos to defect: mudar para
often: frequentemente to try: tentar
to lure: atrair customers: clientes
to ofter: oferecer the latest: o mais recente
free: grátis to switch: trocar
shortly after: pouco depois media: meios de comunicação
to report: relatar bodyguard: guarda-costas
allegedly: alegadamente to carry: transportar
among: entre goldfish: peixinho
water-filled bag: bolsa cheia d’água suitcase: maleta
full: cheia, repleta pounds: libras
in cash: em dinheiro

1. (FUVEST) Shall we go to the movies?
Sorry, __________ to the theater.


2. (UNIP) It’s ________ honor to meet ________ young lady from ________ Sweden.


3. (MACKENZIE) Sorry, it was my only choice. I simply ________ what I did.


4. (ITA) ________ Pacific and ________ Atlantic are ________ oceans. ________ Alps are ________ mountains, and ________ Amazon is a river.


5. (FATEC) De acordo com o texto, assinale a alternativa que apresenta um dos itens já encontrados em táxis, segundo os taxistas de Londres:


6. (FATEC) De acordo com o texto acima:


7. (FATEC) O pronome which em “…, which often try to lure customers by offering the latest mobile phones free for switching services.”, no 4º parágrafo do texto acima, refere-se a:


8. (FATEC) Assinale a alternativa que apresenta, respectivamente, a forma infinitiva dos verbos lost, left e found, presentes ao longo do texto acima, principalmente no 1º parágrafo:


9. (UFBA) They _______ leave earlier last night.


10. (ITA) She _________ up late in the morning.


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