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Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06 enem vestibular

Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06):
Este Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06 contém questões das provas de vestibular e exames do Enem, cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas do Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06 estão no final. Procure fazer no tempo máximo de 40 minutos o Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 06.

Boa Sorte !
Leia atentamente os textos abaixo e responda as questões correspondentes.

Texto 1

Advertising Trainees

Are you young, bright and eager to have
a career in Advertising and Communications?
We need people to plan and create advertising
Campaigns . We will train you. No experience
Is necessary, but you must have a perfect
Knowledge of English.

Send your resumé , and in 100 words in English,
Hand-writing, explaining your abilities and why
We should choose YOU , to “Training for jobs”, Caixa Postal 66208
(O Estado de S. Paulo)


Texto 2

The Sinking Tower of Pisa

After centuries it still stands, a marble monument to human fallibility. The tower’s builders underestimated the softness of the soil underneath it, but every year roughly 1 million tourists come from all over the world to witness the result of the mistake. And every year the 54,5 meter Tower of Pisa tilts another millimeter or so toward disaster. The structure now stands 4,86 meters out of plumb , and last week a group of scientists and engineers urged that landmark be closed to tourists before someone gets hurt.
The Italian government is weighing the risk of injury while experts try to work out a plan to save the tower. That could take years and cost millions of dollars. Still, no one wants the monumental mistake to come to its natural conclusion.


Texto 3

Was my face RED!

My husband and I keep several horses, and a couple of years ago my husband invited a horse-loving co-worker and his wife to visit our little “farm” . They arrived with a camera and took plenty of pictures during their visit.
The following weekend, the couple invited us to their house to show us their snapshots. Unfortunately, I forgot my reading glasses and as I shuffled through the stack of photos, I commented, “ The horses look great, but I look as fat as an World War II tank!”.
“Oh, really?” our hostess replied with an unmistakable chill in her voice. “ That isn’t you in that picture, it’s me. “ I’ll never leave my house without my glasses again !
( The National Enquirer )

1. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 2: A torre de Pisa é visitada por ……………… de pessoas todos os anos.


2. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 3: Quem escreve o texto?


3. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 2: O problema da inclinação da Torre de Pisa:


4. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) No texto 1: O anúncio procura um profissional


5. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 2: A Torre de Pisa é feita de:


6. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR)  Texto 2: A tradução, no infinitivo dos três verbos assinalados em negrito no texto é, respectivamente:


7. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 3: Quais são os  “personagens“ do texto que você acabou de ler ?


8. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 1: O curriculum que o candidato deverá mandar precisa ser:


9. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 3: Quem cometeu uma gafe no texto?


10. (UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR) Texto 2: No texto, a palavra UNDERNEATH significa:


Questão 1 de 10

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