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Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07 enem vestibular

Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07):
Com a intenção de ajudá-lo a se preparar melhor para as provas de Vestibular e Enem, desenvolvemos este Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07 que contém questões específicas sobre os assuntos mais exigidos em Inglês.
Cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas doSimulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07 estão no final.

Bons estudos!

Simulado online com gabarito de Inglês 07


The Hidden Meaning in Pregnant Women’s dreams

Women dream more often and more vividly when they are pregnant, studies have found.

Now an expert tells you what those pregnancy dreams mean – as well as how to turn bad dreams into beautiful ones!
In our studies, pregnant women reported having more dreams than non-pregnant women”, revealed Dr. Patricia Maybruck, an instructor at Napa Valley College in California, where she teaches courses and seminars on dreams. “Unfortunately, pregnant women also have more nightmares.” Hormonal changes may play a role in the increased dreaming, said Dr. Maybruck. “But the main reason is probably the experience of undergoing tremendous transition in life.”
Nightmares come from fears and anxiety about pregnancy, said the expert. “Once those fears are resolved, the pregnant woman will continue to have vivid dreams about her baby – but they will be wonderful dreams about her baby and the upcoming birth. Here are some of the most common themes in pregnancy dreams, along with their hidden meaning, according to Dr. Maybruck’s research:
ANIMALS: Cute little animals such as bunny rabbits usually represent the developing fetus.
BUGLARS: This is a symbol you worry your body has been “invaded” by the fetus. It’s very common to have your home represent the body or the womb in dreams.
KNIVES: This could indicate that you’re worried about needing a cesarean section.
FLYING: Flying dreams are nearly always a sign of happiness, high expectations and joy.
Dr. Maybruck suggests that if you are pregnant and having nightmares, try to figure out from your dreams exactly what’s worrying you. Once you resolve your worries, your nightmares will vanish, she said.



How the Nose Knows.
Researchers discover the first known genes of smell and
Unlock one of the mysteries of the primitive brain.

The sense of smell is the most primitive of the five senses, a throwback to the primordial mists when the brain was scarcely developed. It is also the last understood sense. The human nose can distinguish an extraordinary bouquet of odors, some 10,000 in all, and other animals can better that. It has long been recognized that moths, for example, are exquisitely sensitive to certain pheromone molecules and can sniff out a potential mate a kilometer away. But scientists could not begin to explain precisely how they did it.
( Time )

1. Texto 2: Assinale a alternativa correta, de acordo com o texto:


2. Texto 1: Ao sonhar com facas, as grávidas:


3. Assinale a alternativa em que uma das palavras não pertence à mesma área semântica que as demais :


4. Texto 1: Assinale a alternativa correta.
Mulheres grávidas que sonham com pequenos animais:


5. Texto 1: Quando as grávidas sonham com ladrões:


6. Texto 2: Dos cinco sentidos, o olfato é:


7. Texto 1: Quando as grávidas sonham voando:


8. Texto 1: Assinale a alternativa errada de acordo com o texto:


9. Texto 1: A melhor tradução para o título desse texto é:


10. Texto 1: A  Dra. Maybruck sugere às grávidas que, quando sonharem:


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