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Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2 com gabarito e 20 questões

Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2 com gabarito – Desafie seus conhecimentos

Simulados por Matéria com gabarito. Prepare-se bem para as provas de Vestibular e exame do Enem com o Vestibular1

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2 com gabarito)
Este Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2 com gabarito contém 20 questões de das provas de vestibular e exames do Enem, cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas e o gabarito do Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2 estão no final. Procure fazer no tempo máximo de 40 minutos o Simulado por matéria de Inglês 2.
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Boa Sorte !
Vamos ao Simulado com gabarito:

Leia atentamente os textos abaixo e responda as questões correspondentes.

Texto 1
A pretty scary read, War of the Worlds by Mark Slouka (Little, Brown, 9.99, ISBN 34910785 8) can make your hair stand on end. It is nothing less that an alarm call that there is a danger of whole societies, computer-drunk, swapping living in the uncomfortable real world for that of life in virtual reality or cyberspace. The latter, of course, is controllabe, full of pleasure and free from moral constraints. Already there is a term for those who find such an idea horrifying, It is PONA, a Person Of No Account. The thesis is plausible. The price, for a slim paperback, is not.
[ New Scientist]

Texto 2
Why do bees fuss about so much when they fly, instead of forming a tidy flock like birds? Birds flying in a flock Keep to a highly ordered pattern, whereas a swarm of bees is a cloud of chaos. This difference has long puzzle scientists, but now a team of Japanese researchers had come up with a simple mathematical model to explain it (The researchers) began with a simple analogy. Stars in a galaxy move under the influence of each other’s gravity in a way that can be described by Newton’s Iaws. Identify the influences felt by an insect or bird, the researchers reasoned, and is flying patterns should be just as easy to predict.
[ Adapted from New Scientist]

Texto 3

simulado por matéria de inglês 2 com gabarito e 20 questões. Charge texto 2

Texto 4
“The police have issued the following notice: “We ask motorists to lock all valuable and attractive articles in the boots of their cars or to conceal them carefully in some way. Car windows should be closed, doors locked, and ignition keys removed.”

Texto 5
“Miss Emlyn read us some of it. I asked Mummy to read some more. I like it. It has a wonderful sound. A brave new world. There isn’t anything really like that, is there?” “You don’t believe in it? “Do you?” “There is always a brave new world,” said Poirot, “but only, you know, for very special people. The lucky ones. The ones who carry the making of that world within themselves.”
(Agatha Christie, Hallowe ‘en Party, pp.85.86)

1. Segundo o texto 4 acima:


2. De acordo com o texto 2 acima:


3. No Texto 3 acima, a mãe está aborrecida porque:


4. Segundo o texto 1, a vida na realidade virtual:


5. complete text.
Our family came  ………………. airplane


6. Complete text.
She stopped ………. cigarettes. Her doctor told her not to do it.


7. (The text 5 above)  Choose another way of saying “There isn’t anything really like that.”


8. De acordo com o texto 2 acima:


9. A forma correta do singular de “Why do bees fuss about so much when they fly?” (Texto 2 acima) é:


10. The text 5 above is a dialogue between


11. (text 5 above) According to Poirot:


12. (Texto 3 acima)Qual seria o correspondente, no passado, de If I ever catch… I’II wash… ?


13. O texto 4 acima diz que:


14. O texto 1 afirma que o livro de Mark Slouka:


15. Complete text.
Do you like the yellow dress? No, I prefer………….


16. (Texto 3 above) The boy’s mother is expressing:


17. O texto 4 acima é:


18. Segundo o texto 1, War of the Worlds pode:


19. Em War of the Worlds (Texto 1), o autor


20. We can conclude from the text 5 above that:


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