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simulado por matéria de inglês 3 com 20 questões e gabarito

Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 com gabarito e 20 questões

Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 – Desafie seus conhecimentos

Simulados por Matéria com gabarito. Prepare-se bem para as provas de Vestibular e exame do Enem com o Vestibular1

Instruções para realização do teste (Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 com gabarito)
Este Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 com gabarito contém 20 questões de das provas de vestibular e exames do Enem, cada questão contém entre 2 e 5 alternativas. Para cada questão existe apenas uma alternativa correta e não existe nenhuma questão em branco.
O número de respostas certas e o gabarito do Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 estão no final. Procure fazer no tempo máximo de 40 minutos o Simulado por matéria de Inglês 3 com gabarito.

Boa Sorte !

Vamos ao Simulado com gabarito:

Leia atentamente o texto abaixo e responda as questões correspondentes.

Another Reason to Phone Home
They’ve talked about them in science fiction novels. They’ve shown them in science fiction films. But now it is finally here.
British Telecom has launched the first-ever “video telephone”. The videophone works in exactly the same way as a conventional telephone. You plug it into a standard telephone socket, you dial the number and off you go.
But whereas the old phone would just give you sound, the videophone will also give you pictures. People are already thinking of the benefits it will bring. Seeing your family to say goodnight to them while you are away from home is one obvious bonus. But what about all those people with whom you have regular telephone contact but have never seen their faces: insurance salesmen, telephone interviewers and business associates from overseas?
The videophone will also be a help when you are forced to speak on the telephone in a foreign language. Dr. Guy Fielding, a researcher in communication, says that non-verbal behavior and visual signs, such as facial expressions, gestures and eye movements, are as important a part of communication as speech. And if you have ever spoken in a foreign tongue on the telephone, you know exactly what he means. As the telecommunication system in different countries will vary, there is not yet a guarantee that the videophone will work in every country of the world. But Britain, the U.S., Italy and Japan should all be within the system by the end of this year.
(Tristan Ashman, Speak Up.)

1. Do texto acima, conclui-se que:


2. Choose the correct alternative. Indicate the meaning of “face up to” in the following sentence:
“Brian has never been able to face up to the realities of life.”


3. Complete os espaços com a alternativa correta:
How long ______ and Mr. and Mrs. Brown ______ abroad?


4. De acordo com o texto acima: Para usar o videofone é necessário:


5. Escolha a alternativa correta:
There ______ five ______ playing in the garden.


6. Metalurgical North American Company, located in ABC, a supplier to heavy duty truck manufacturers, is searching for a highly qualified and professional graduate mechanical engineer to manage their quality control department in Brazil.
Solid knowledge of production department (technical and administrative procedures) is a requirement.
The company will provide the approved candidate with excellent working conditions and a salary commensurate with technical ability and experience.
It is mandatory that responding candidates possess complete understanding of both English and Portuguese languages.
Potential candidates should send their resumes in English, including salary requirements, to P.O. Box 2502 – SP under “Engemec”.
O anúncio:


Keep them in a closed box
Follow instructions
Read instructions by torchlight
Light at arm’s length
Stand back
Never go back to a firework
Never put them in your pocket
Never throw them
Keep pets indoors

O texto é:


8. Marque a alternativa correta:


9. O plural dos substantivos a seguir:
I. knife
II. tooth
III. woman
é, na ordem: I, II e III


10. Complete com a alternativa correta:
How long ______ here? I see that you are still at the same job.


11. Assinale a tradução correta da frase:
He talked me out of it.


12. Complete os espaços com a alternativa correta:
______ what he ______ ?


13. Indique a palavra que não está no plural:


14. The plural of “That wise Englishman keeps his gold watch in a safe” is:


15. The plural of  “That extraordinary hero always puts his sharp knife out of the reach of his child” is:


16. Escolha a alternativa correta para completar o texto:
When I was a student there ______ many horses, but there ______ not many cars. There ______ only one man in the village with a car. Now there ______ many cars but there ______ only one horse. There ______ an old woman in our village. She rides the horse to the village everyday. She says: “There ______ no traffic when I was a girl.”


17. What ______ you going to say?


18. A expressão “every other day” significa:


19. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence:
______ Smiths took ______ one-hour tour along ______ Amazon river.


20. Segundo o texto acima, o primeiro videofone foi lançado por uma empresa:


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